Registration for the 2016 Season is Now Open!

The Golden Girls Softball Association is a non-profit organization run by volunteers to provide an opportunity for girls from the ages of 4 and up to learn the game, foster team spirit, and make some great new friends. Golden Girls Softball is part of the Jefferson County Girls Softball league.

Registration is for the 2016 Season is Now Open!

Practices will start the beginning of April, with the regular season games continuing through the middle of July 2016. There will be an end of season league tournament for all ages held in July. Please see Upcoming Events for more information.

Upcoming Events

The Coaches' Dugout

Coaches – please check back soon for updates to this section. We will be providing links for practice drills and other resources. In the future, we hope to provide each team with their own section for Team Information, Practice Schedule, Game Schedules and other information that needs to be shared.